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Riding on a shooting star...

10 December
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Kyttyee: A shooting star who got lost on her way to grant a wish and ended up studying electrical engineering, computer science, and linguistics at MIT. (Don’t worry, they send backup stars in case things like this happen.) Having granted as many wishes as possible at MIT, she then flew on over to Northwestern University to continue her linguistics study!!! *leaves shiny glittery shooting star trails*

In addition to being a nerd, I am also an avid musician and almost went into conservatory training instead of MIT. I have formal training in classical piano and violin, and sing on my own free time and with the choir.

I also really like shiny things, and spend large amounts of my free time creating small shiny objects with which to feed my addiction and to spread the love of shiny. Unfortunately, MIT is was free-time-eating Troggle so I had recently only able to sporadically indulge in this passion. Maybe Northwestern will allow for more prolific creation of shinyness...