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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Thank you for a wonderful year, and here's to all your lovely dreams and aspirations in the coming year!! <3
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*sigh* thanks a lot, mashimaro-girl...

Well, apparently Mashimaro-girl has decided to cut and run...

I thought things would get resolved because they really honestly seemed like good people, and all my previous transactions went super-smoothly. But it looks like I'm now out nearly $200, which is a non-insignificant amount of moneys for my level of income... :(

I wish I had some lawyerly friends who could help me on this... I have the feeling that trying to take them to court would end up costing more than what I'm owed.

~Sad sad Kyttyee
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Polymer Clay - Bears and Bows!!

I had some extra time no my hands recently, so I made another batch of polymer clay trinkets. Specifically, little clay ribbon bows and some teddy bears!

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I'll be putting these (and subsequent duplications/incarnations of them) in my Etsy shop soon ^.^ And next, I'll have yet another sewing post, since I just finished a skirt last night!
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Strawberry Frenzy - Wristcuffs and Sock Toppers

Aaaand here's part two of my strawberry frenzy! And at this point, it really is a frenzy, what with ACEN looming, piles of schoolwork, unfinished cosplays/goody bags... T_T

As mentioned before, the awesome lady I'm modeling in the fashion show for asked me to bring some strawberry-related accessories to go with the outfit. I made this set of wristcuffs and sock toppers with felt stuffed strawberries. Unfortunately, this is really short notice, and apparently Vogue Fabrics has fantaaaastic fabric selection but really rather... meager... lace selections. I realize this lace is "bad lace" (I'm going to be itching like crazy) but it was the best I could do (it had to be a beige, not white) in the time and resources that I have T_T I think they'll be fine from onstage though... Yay 20-feet rule!

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Aaaand I finally managed to finish my complete Miwako cosplay (although, I'm waiting on shoes to hopefully get here in time), but Amulet Spade's shirt seems like it's not going to get redone anytime soon. At least I'm (hopefully) getting new boots that I will spraypaint brown, so that I'll have correct boots this time around.
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Strawberry Frenzy - Jewelry Set!

I'll be attending Anime Central 2010 this year (it's coming up soon!) and I'm walking in the fashion show. The designer I'm working with has me wearing a Country Lolita outfit with a strawberry motif. While she is providing the dress, a matching purse, and a necklace, I was asked to provide some other accessories of my own.

So I decided to start off by making a ring and some earrings to go with the outfit!

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Next in line is a set of wristcuffs and sock toppers with felt strawberry dangles!

(And of course, I need to somehow find time to finish my cosplay(s)...)
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Review: Antaina Tea Party Replicas + Yoybuy

I got my Antaina Tea Party replicas in the mail today!  And I figured I'd do a little review/comparison for them ^.^

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So yeah, overall, this was a great buy, both on the part of Antaina and Yoybuy. I still think the Secret Shop ones look more refined, but then again, I am buying among the first batch of these that Antaina's making. Maybe over time they will perfect things more.

Plus, these come in more than just the standard S/M/L sizing, which is nice if you have smaller or larger feet than average, or are between sizes.

And... you don't have to pre-order and wait a really long time, they make them as they go. I suspect once more people buy them, the manufacture time will go up, but for now, the 4-day time is really fantastic!

As far as I can tell, they have a good range of available colors too, including rare things like mint and lavender! Although I think mint only comes in enamel leather at the moment, which I prefer less. The pictures look like it's pretty matte for an enamel leather though, so maybe it's okay? Point is, they come in lots of colors, even rare ones, and you can have a choice of enamel or normal PU for most of the colors, which is nice <3

Yoybuy as a shopping service was great! They respond to everything promptly, the customer service is quick and extremely helpful and polite, and they actually seem to speak good English, so no weird miscommunications! They also have a live chat help if you're online at the same time their English agents are, it works really well for immediate response. I got them to actually call the Taobao brand contact while on chat with me to figure out the answer to some of my questions!

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Hello World

Kyttyee: A shooting star who got lost on her way to grant a wish and ended up studying electrical engineering, computer science, and linguistics at MIT. (Don’t worry, they send backup stars in case things like this happen.)

In addition to being a nerd, I am also an avid musician and almost went into conservatory training instead of MIT. I have formal training in classical piano and violin, and sing on my own free time and with the choir.

I also really like shiny things, and spend large amounts of my free time creating small shiny objects with which to feed my addiction and to spread the love of shiny. Unfortunately, MIT is a free-time-eating Troggle and I have been only able to sporadically indulge in this passion.